Background Check

Sign: DANGER! Internet Dating Scams [Image © Karen Roach -]

[Image © Karen Roach –]

If you have recently been in contact with an unknown individual through social media or a dating agency website, we highly recommend considering a background check before agreeing to meet them in person or sending personal information.

Due to the recent prevalence of online interactions, background checks are becoming ever-more common in modern society. Linked Investigations is an industry leader in carrying out background checks, and ensures that all of the information available is collated and presented.

Whether it be a commercial client looking to verify a potential business partners’ accreditation, or a personal client looking to ensure their personal safety, we are here to give you the confidence you need before moving forward.

Feel free to contact us with your questions, or to request a complimentary consultation. Call (714) 432-9911 or email us at Please let us know the most appropriate time to reach you, and whether we have permission to leave a voice mail message if you don’t answer.


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